Avaya Partner ACS

Avaya Partner

Avaya phone systems were formerly made by Lucent Technologies and prior to that AT&T. The Avaya Partner ACS Phone System has been discontinued and has been replaced by the IP Office – for more information:

Avaya Repair – Services;

We can provide support if you’re moving your Avaya Phone system to a new location

We can provide programming and system function support to use the features/functions

If you need to add an extension to your Avaya Phone System – or Add a phone to Avaya Phone System

If you need a Replacement Avaya Phone we can assist you.

Avaya Technician

Trouble Shooting & Repair

With 30 years of experience, our organization can assist you in diagnosing issues with your Avaya Phone System.

If your Avaya Phone System “Line is dead on my Avaya Phone System”

If your system is “Avaya phone rings once and then call dropped”

If your system “Avaya Phone rings fast but then can not grab call”

If your system “Avaya Phone rings and goes right to voicemail”